Month: September 2017

Bezorgdoener vindt geluk als hij het verkeerde adres heeft gekregen.

Bodgan Popov, was slechts 19 toen hij naar Rusland uit Rusland verhuisde. Als student aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam werkte Bogdan deeltijd in de cafetaria, als Aldi kassier en bezorgingsjongen om zijn studie- en verblijfskosten te dekken. Weinig wist hij dat een van die doodlopende banen hem snel tot zijn fortuin zou leiden. “Om een Read More

Dotter lämnade mållös när hon upptäckte sen fars hemliga stash.

Pappa älskling Vidar Westergren från Sverige, dog tidigare i år av cancer. Som någon hängivna pappa skulle vara, visste han vad han hade att göra för att hans familj skulle kunna ta hand om när han passerade. Den rika hyresvärden lämnade miljoner till sin dotter – men hon kan bara samla på sina stränga villkor. Read More

Daughter left speechless as she discovers late father’s secret stash.

Daddy dearest Vidar Westergren from Sweden, died earlier this year of cancer. As any devoted father would be, he knew what he had to do in order for his family to be taken care of when he passes. The wealthy landlord left millions to his daughter — but she can collect only on his strict Read More

Millionaire pays kids to jump off bridges. His next idea is even worse!

Some folks have more money than brains 🙁 🙁 Most people will do anything for money, but these kids are risking more than they can imagine! Life is hard, but for a lot of people earning a gallon in some areas and gridlock on the rise, Detroit’s three major automakers are stepping up development of their Read More

Millionaire scrapes Lamborghini bottom. Gives it away to buy a new one.

Rich folks don’t really need a reason to do what they do. 😕   With the lower half of his body pinned beneath the two-ton bulk of an overturned Jeep, Dennis Wagar told reporters Monday that he was still waiting for the adrenaline surge that would give him the temporary strength required to escape free. Read More

Struggling Kwikspar Cashier Makes a Fortune Selling Supercars after unexpected event

Baruti Smith, was only 20 when he moved out to city. As a student at The University of Cape Town, Baruti worked part time in the cafeteria, as a Kwikspar cashier and delivery boy to cover his college and living expenses. Little did he know that one of those dead end jobs would soon lead him to his Read More