Month: April 2017

Jeff De Young: The dog who saved my life and came to live with me

Jeff De Young served in Afghanistan with a bomb-detection dog named Cena N641, a black Labrador. In the intense atmosphere of war the two developed an unbreakable bond. This is the story of how Cena helped Jeff survive not only war, but also life after war.The day I turned 18 I started Marine Corps boot Read More

NRA shooting themselves since 1871

An employee with the National Rifle Association accidentally shot himself during a firearms training exercise. According the  Washington Post, the man’s pistol accidentally discharged itself as he holstered the weapon. The incident took place at the NRA’s National firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia. It is understood the 46-year-old man suffered minor injuries to his lower Read More

Badly burned cockatoo given new feathers with superglue and matchsticks

Vets at Perth zoo have used matchsticks and glue to replace the flight feathers of a Carnaby’s cockatoo which was badly injured after it was burned on a power line. Using a syringe to coat the donor feathers with superglue and a matchstick to shape the quill, vets replaced the juvenile bird’s feathers and cut Read More